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David Moody
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The trail to Fairhaven

Posted on January 4, 2010
Jacaranda Land Corp granted permission to the City of Bellingham to install and maintain a walking and bicycle trail across its property located between Mill street and Knox Street  ( just north of the Fairhaven Village Green park to just behind Fairhaven Realty).  Jacaranda Land Corp has asked permission to move a local sewer and water line 30 to 50 feet to the 10th street right of way for over 2 years with all expenses paid for by Jacaranda Corp..  The City of Bellingham has tentatively agreed to said moving, subject to Jacaranda Corp. building a new trail on the 10th street Right away including any retainer walls,  to the Cities and Park department specifications.   Jacaranda finds such a request unreasonable and expensive especially in the light of the free rent use of their property for 40 years.  Jacaranda Land Corp gave formal written notice to the City of Bellingham 54 days ago, that as of Jan 10th the City can no longer use the trail which is their right to do so as per the original agreement granted to  the City, at the Coties expense there must be erected signs on the trail saying that it is closed.  The City of Bellingham Council and Mayor Dan Pike will be discussing the matter today.
         I do hope that the City agrees to move the trail at their own expense and it even seems appropriate to send a letter of gratitude to Jacaranda Corp for forty years of free trespass.
David Moody

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