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David Moody
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The Wardner Castle

Posted on December 30, 2009
In 1889 James Wardner moved to Fairhaven Washington ( Fairhaven was still a separate City then ).   Mr. Warner was already very rich from his discovery of the Jackass Silver Mine in Idaho for over 100 years the highest producing silver min in the U.S. While prospecting in the Mountains in Idaho James warner had a stubborn Jackass who bolted away from Mr. warner toward the end of a long hard working day of prospecting.  After some time and mush effort James caught up with the donkey.  Between his cursing and muttering to himself he noticed that the canyon that the donkey had climbed up the pack animal seemed to be starring at a exposed silver vain in the rocks. Hence the Jackass actually found the strike and so apply named.  James Warned was a Mover and Shaker and founded the First national Bank of Fairhaven and several other transportation businesses and land development Companies.  In 1892 he built the Warner Castle, a stately Victorian Mansion custom designed by Curtland Cutter the most famous Victorian Architect in North America.  The original home was built on 30 acres ( most of which was sold off over the years) and sighted on a natural bench overlooking Fairhaven and the San Juan Islands.    Mr Warner sold the home in 1896 and took his family to South Africa to open Gold mines there.    Mr Warner was a teller of tall tales and to this day it is hard to pick out what is truth from one of his fabrication. 
              I have had the privilege of selling the Castle twice in the last 10 years.  In fact the property is for sale $100,000 less than the current owner paid for it.   it is currently listed at $895,000 by another agent bit if you have an interest please contact me and I will be glad to provide all details.

David Moody

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