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David Moody
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Larrabee State Park

Posted on December 29, 2009
There is so much more about Larrabee State Park that I did not describe that I am going to add herein.  Other Sea life include, Orca Whales, Pacific Grey Whale, Otters. Dolphins, Minke Whales and the worlds largest Octopus ( the Giant Red octopus).  There is a Repelling Cliff that is often used during the Summer, located right next to the Boat Launch ( with access to Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands).  I have caught my limit in Dunginess Crab at low tide with my hands and a net tied to my waist in one hour.
       In Spring of 2000 five Large Grey Whales visited Bellingham Bay for 3 months.  I would see them every morning, on my drive to work, along Boulevard park blowing water spouts.  There was one sick and dying Whale.  His life long whale friends were keeping him company during his last days.  The four whales remained several days after he was washed  up on the beach near the end of Cornwall Avenue. Near Downtown Bellingham ( a site being considered for an Aquarium in the future).  Fisheries and Shoreline management gave the carcass to the Lummi Nation Tribe.  The tribe towed the dead whale to the "Glory Hole" and area of Bellingham Bay know for its rich Crabbing bed.  Within 40 days the carcass was picked clean by the Crabs ( amazing).  The bones were distributes among the artists of Lummi Nation.  One of my friends got two rib bones ( about 7' long)  he turned them into Pendants  with porcupine quills to form a Triangle inside a circle and made enough money to attend a spiritual conference in the Plains Indian Country of the U.S.
David Moody

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