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David Moody
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Lummi Island

Posted on December 9, 2009
The San Juan Archipelago of Islands consists of 173 Islands with Orcas the largest (although Sna Juan Island also claims to be the largest, for all intents and purposed they are the same size but very different) 
                 Two of the Islands are In Whatcom co proper Lummi Island and Elizia Island,  Portage Island is more often a peninsula and is part of Lummi Indian Nation Tribal trust lands.  There are some who consider Lummi rocks Islands also.  Lummi island has approximately 700 full time residences and swells to 1200 in the summer.  Most of the island is unpopulated and is either department of natural resources (DNR) or Zoned Timberland.  The North end of the Island is Where most of the population live.  There is a County run Ferry the "Lummi Island Chief" that funs from 6 AM to Midnight on a 1/2 hour schedule ( there are exceptions to the schedule).  The Island is just under 2,000 feet tall ( the second highest behind Orcas Island ) it is 6 1/2 miles long and about 1 mile wide.  The Views are spectacular on the Island. There is no year round safe harbor, with the exception of Knotty Bay also know as Deep water Bay Which is a good harbor for maybe 12 small craft but is 2miles by gravel road from the nearest house.  The Islanders are very friendly ( they wave at passers buy, an Island tradition).  There is one Grocery/general store and two restaurantsa elementary school, a library, and a small beautiful Church ( which meets the definition of a Hamlet ).  Lummi Island has very little public beach but it is a Jewell non the less.  Houses are affordable, as well as view lots.
          I look right at Lummi Island out my office window.
David Moody

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