David Moody
David Moody
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Landlord licencing proposal.

Posted on December 8, 2009
The City of Bellingham is considering an ordinance to charge for each rental unit and license Landlords.  This stemming from one residence that has a problem with loud neighbors that won't stop partying, and Terry Boreman City Councilman long time goal of having such an ordnance.  I have found Terry to be a reasonable and valuable City Councilman, but on this issue I disagree.  The current disturbing the peace law which has a $500 fine for each violation should be all that is necessary to deal with the occasional disturbing neighbor.   This law if passed with mandatory inspections would require 4 to 5 new inspectors because of the large stock of rental housing in Bellingham and tax an already over worked planning and police department. and is like using a hammer to crack an egg.
David Moody

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