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David Moody
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The essence of Belllingham

Posted on December 6, 2009
A very special day with my 9 year old grandson is one piece of the many parts that make up what is Bellingham.  Greater Bellingham is rich in Geographic Beauty, but the love of this beauty by the human inhabitants make it ever more rich.
      As I have been bumbling along reporting on the trivial to profound events and personal experiences in this blog over the past 1 1/2 months it has occurred to me that what I am actually doing is delineating the essence, or  the spirit of Greater Bellingham.  Of course it is my bias, but aren't all blogs?  The following days experience gives a glimpse of this essence.
 Saturday 12/5/09 6:55 AM I left the house for a always uplifting 12 step meeting, of over 50 people, the quality and honesty with filled with deep compassion is even more amazing in that is so common to happen in this gathering every Saturday.
        8:20 AM I went to my Fairhaven Realty and prepared for my showing of a 2800 sq. ft. house on 1 acre in town for less than $400,000 thousands dollars.   I talked to three of my fellow agents, a customer from Michigan and left just in time for my 10 AM appointment.   The appointment went well
          11;15 AM arrived at my daughters home to huge my 18 month old Grandson and take the 9 year old on a Christmas season day.
            11:35 AM arrived at Bloedel Donavon Park for the annual children's gift Bazaar ( held in the gymnasium ) where all gifts are $6 dollars of less.  My Grandson, with his saved up birthday money and allowance, bought hand made gifts for his two nieces, one nephew and mom and dad and Grandmother. and only need a $3 supplement from me.
              12:25 PM arrived at the Mt baker Theater and Walton annex theater and joined 250 parents, grandparents and at least 1/2 where children and watched a free magic show (donations were accepted but not required) It was amazing (all good magic shows should be) and very entertaining.
               1:45 arrived at the Fairhaven/Alaska Ferry Terminal building ( the Northeastern freezing wind just showed up as well) and went up stairs to hear a cute choir just my grandsons age singing about the Grinch (your are a mean one Mr. Grinch) and jingle Bells. Then walked across the other side of the building to see the most spectacular Gingerbread cabin to castle display on the planet.  The "Up" (the flying one from the movie) house and the multiple interpretation of the fire damaged Whatcom Middle school and the Yellow submarine were our favorites. Then we went down stairs to go got a firetruck ride, said hello to my friend and client/customer who has a 4 year old son and is the principal at a local elementary school ( lucky kids) while we waited in the freezing wind to ride on the Collectors item firetruck.  We got to ride in the front seat with my grandson pulling on the chain that activated the big bellowing horn ( only when told to by the fire chief).  Then we went back inside to hear the most delightful saxophone quartet play Bach, Jazz, Blues. Rock and Christmas carols. What a delight to the ears.  All this with this big 1/2 dome of windows behind the musicians with the whitecaps and the tall ship and the Kennecott Ferry in view.
             5:15 arrived at my home picked up my lovely wife if 42 years, went to my daughters house and played with the toddler.
              6:15 arrived at the James street estates ( and adult Mobil Home park)  where 90% of the owners make the most outrageous and original (and store bought)  Christmas lights, that light up the sky so well that Santa uses the glow for navigation purposes.
                All this was free and we were home by 9PM.
David Moody

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