David Moody
David Moody
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Sunny Fairhaven

Posted on December 2, 2009
The clearest view days in Whatcom county are in the fall and winter.  All day I have had to wear my sun glasses.  It is also good weather to paint exterior and lay concrete.  I am the listing agent on the sale of a new construction home built by Bill and Ken Kramer of Kramer Construction.   We are to close the transaction  on or before 12/23/09.  I'm sure that said event will help Santa with my two Grandson's wish lists.  Not to long ago it was not advised to do exterior painting when the temperature was below 52 degrees in the last 15 years new paint formulas allow exterior painting to occurs during temperatures as low as 36degrees Fahrenheit..
          Tomorrow my dads ashes will be spread over the Pacific ocean at least 3 miles out from San Francisco bay.   My daughter and I will be sharing our thoughts and feelings during that time.
          It is a new form of being alone on this planet that most of us go through, my mom died 10 years ago, now I'm the Granddad.
The Sea Lion Coast Guard Cutter is still at sea.
David Moody

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