David Moody
David Moody
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Greatful for Greater Bellingham

Posted on November 27, 2009
I fell in love with Bellingham the first time I visited here.  Ironically the first time I visited Whatcom county was 1949.  I was two years old.  My parents decided to take the train to Seattle to visit my Mother's Farther and Mother; my Grandparents.  My mother often dated the back of photos and this is how I know the year.  The passenger trains at that time were pulled by high speed Steam engines.  My mom and dad did not pay for the two year old and I rode on my moms lap and on the floor or under the seat.  I remember the loud noise and the black smoke as the train went through the tunnels.  I think that the drama of the experience embedded the adventure in my brain to be remembered in my forever.  While we visitor Mr. Edward Freeman who lived in the Ballard district of Seattle( my Grandfather), we went up to a snow caped Mountain.  My mom told me my whole life that it was My Rainier.  My Grandfather corrected this information while I was interviewing him about his entire life while he was in his mid 80 and he told me that the Mt. that we went to was Mt. Baker.  I remember the thrill of my first snow ball fight with my older brother Ed and my grandfather.  My inner being always wanted to come back to this beautiful place and Live and I have lived in this most beautiful place in the world ( my very bias opinion) for over 34 years.
David Moody

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