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David Moody
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Thanksgiving every day

Posted on November 25, 2009
One tribe of people helping another tribe,  facing a harsh winter.  A family expressing thanks communally over a warm and delicious meal.  Carrying a attitude of gratitude today and all days that I and you have left on this precious and sacred Earth.  My dad is relieved of his pain.  I will spend tomorrow cooking for 11 people some lifetime friends, family and some new acquaintances that will become friends. 
   I once was invited to see the "Corn Dance" in the San Philippe Pueblo  in New Mexico. The Pueblo is nearly as old as the Toas Pueblo.  Much of the whole tribe danced all day in the bright sun ( at lease it was April so it wasn't to hot).  Each dancer covered his body in red dust to protect their skin from the cancer causing sun rays.  The center of the village was a large square that after 600 years of dancing was worn down 35 feet to form a bowl.  the ritual was mostly first nation celebration with a mixture of Catholic Church.  As my wife and I were leaving we got to our car and a comely Native Woman in her 50s motioned us to come into her home.  My wife said; should we go in?  I said it would be an insult if we did not.  The adobe was completely made of mud straw and sticks.  it housed a family of 7 and in the long low livingroom, surrounding a table made of 2 4X8 sheets of plywood  layed on wooden boxes were 4 generations of family from a infant to a crippled 86 year old ( 18 people not counting us).  there was two chairs side by side.  (few of the chairs matched)  we were invited to set and bless such a feast I have never seen.  this was the tradition, to invite strangers into the homes of these beautiful people after the "Corn Dance".  The green chili stew was the best I've ever tasted ( I had thirds).  We talked of life, love and gratitude. We talked of wonderful meals we have shared in our lives.  I promised to send a salmon back to them.
My Dad is in a better place .  Just maybe they serve green chilly stew there.
Love and Light
David Moody

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