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David Moody
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The Neptune society

Posted on November 24, 2009
My dad Mr. Roderick Sutherland McKenzie Moody died at 4:41 PM 11/23/09 in  San Jose CA.  My father was born Aug. 2 1923 in Portland Oregon, moved to Los Gatos CA at 6 months of age and lived the rest of his life in either Los Gatos or San Jose CA (with the exception of 4 years during WW2 he was in Groton Conn., and for one hear in Salinas).  he was a stern but very good father.  He read veraciously and loved nature, did not want, or have a religion and loved the Sea and the trees and the desert and the mountains and his 5 children and all of his grand children.  He  was infinitely curious a Electronic equipment repairman/technician his entire career.  I will think of him often the rest of my life.
           After my mom died 10 years ago from Alzheimers disease my dad decided and acted upon joining the Neptune society wanting his ashes sprinkles above the Ocean.  He pre-paid for body pickup, cremation and flight with drop over the Ocean ( I'm sure that there wii be many other passed sea lovers on board the plane with his ashes) .  Within 1 hour and 45 minutes of my dads passing all papers will filled out,  two well dressed respectful gentlemen in a mini-van showed up named tagged his ankle and gently wrapped the body of my dad and whisked him away to fulfill all his burial wishes.  What a great service ( and my dad being Scottish and ever pragmatic very reasonably priced).
    I will be back in Bellingham WA Saturday.  


David Moody 

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