David Moody
David Moody
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Exciting Fairhaven Shipyard activity!

Posted on November 20, 2009
For the first time in the history of Bellingham, the new semi-submersible Barge/Dry dock is being used to lift the Kennecott Ferry from Alaska.  Sense 9AM this morning 2 Foss Seagoing Tugs pulled out of port the simisubmersible Barge at the Fairhaven Shipyard.  currently 1:22 Pm the Barge is 1/2 under water. AT 1:45  2/3erds underwater. I know that soon the Kennecott will launch and will navigate into the barge and then the barge will lift and then navigate back to the Dock at Fairhaven.  This has been a slow meticulous affair, and was delayed for over two weeks due to high winds.  I will soon have pictures to go with this.
David Moody

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