David Moody
David Moody
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3:45 Kennecott Alaskan Ferry enters the semi-submersible

Posted on November 20, 2009
The bow has entered the semi-submersible barge. I estimate 30 minutes to go all the way in. 4:14 Pm the Kennecott is 90% in the barge. 4:25 the Foss tug that pushed the Ferry in has pulled away and is standing by 400 feet away.  Soon the ship will rise out of the water and steam back to Port.  The question is which Dock?  the Fairhaven Dock or the International Pier at the old GP site Downtown 2 miles north( UPDATE AS OF 11/21/09 THE kENECOTT HAS DOCKED AT THE fAIRHAVEN SHIPYARD).  It seems that the Lummi tribe believes that they have some authority in this matter based on their salmon fishing rights.
        There is the physical doing of the job, them there is so often the politics of the situation.
David Moody

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