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David Moody
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The wind storm Jacknife Truck and missing Snowshoeer

Posted on November 17, 2009
The wind knocked over trees put out electrical power for 5 hours from 11PM to 4 AM last night ( two nights in a row)
      A Snow boarder is lost at the Mt Baker Ski area.  Mt. baker is know as the birthplace of Snow Boarding, and is still one of the best places in the world to snowboard, and every day snowboarders go out of bounds.  I hope that today that  the 53 year old man from British Columbia is found. ( UPDATE; THE MAN WAS FOUND DEAD 11/18 HE HAD FALLEN INTO A RAVIEN)
                A semi truck jackknifed on the southbound lane of I5, near the Bakerview exit, and blocked the Freeway for more than an hour. 
The inconvenience to driver's was put into perspective with a visit to the hospital  to support a friend with terminal cancer.  His loving friends are paying back all the unconditional love and support he has given over the last 25 years of service work in the recovery community.
               The whitecaps and wind were beautiful from my office yesterday.
David Moody

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