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David Moody
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Day in the life of Belling-ham-ster

Posted on November 16, 2009
Saturday 11/14/09 my grandson's 9th birthday, he was off to Bellevue to celebrate with his identical twin girl cousins and the White ( Blaze white, not the color)  family.
                 Woke up at 5;30 am ( normal for me) went to St Josephs Hospital to take a patient to a 12 step meeting at a 7:AM.  Great meeting on Gratitude,self examination,meditation and prayer.
               Researched property for customer and showed a fixer view property overlooking Chuckanut Bay, and a beautiful home on large lot with a city park behind the back yard and exquisite woodwork and cabinets, big shop and well priced. 
'                 Drove down boulevard and felt blessed with the beautiful view of the bay along the way.  stopped by the Bellingham Farmers Market ( Saturday only. April to Jan 1st)  kibitzed with the organic farmers and venders, bought a cup of chicken curry.
                  Went to the opening day of "LightCatcher  Museum" free admission, one day only.  The museum is wonderful the art,  world class.  the demeanor of the crowd ( not really that crowded) was quietly celebratory.   I felt this event to be another positive movement of Bellingham as a whole moving into yet another wonderful phase of living and carrying intact its sense of place and community along with it.
We are so blessed.  Picked up Marinette ( my wife of 42 years) and went to Lynden ( a Dutch farm town 15 miles north of Bellingham) to the Western Washington Fair Grounds. to go to a Gratitude Banquet.  Over 500 people celebrating from 6 days to 44 years of joyous sobriety and responsible living.
Not a bad day for the constant drizzle. 
David Moody

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