David Moody
David Moody
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Whatcom Middle school shuffle

Posted on November 9, 2009
The Bellingham School district has made a decision.  The 6th Graders will go to Geneva Elementary School, the 7th Graders will go to Fairhaven Middle School, and the 8th Graders will go to Bellingham high.  After the fire that made Whatcom Middle school unsafe to conduct classes, the displacement of 600 students will be solved in this way.  Much more will be determined in the next months to come.
         The urban growth areas around the Cities of Whatcom county are in dispute and will be hashed out by Dec. first.  Unless of course they aren't.  It would be wonderful if balance, logic, and respect were an available means to solve the Growth Management question.  It seems that politics and bombastic opinions are ruling the decisions.
David Moody

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