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David Moody
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Fairhaven Transitions and Prices

Posted on November 3, 2009
The last of the Train Cars was removed today.  Over the last 35 years that I have been either living and or  working  in the Fairhaven Neighborhood of Bellingham WA,  I have seen many changes.  Most of them I judge as progressive and yet rooted in the desire by resident and developer alike to preserve the historical Victorian Village that the Original City of Fairhaven was between 1874 and 1903.  The biggest mover and shaker in Fairhaven over this period is unquestionably, Ken Imus.  Ken was born in Bellingham and went to grade School through High School here.  Ken Moved to San Jose California and worked at San Jose Ford as a lot boy and Body and Fender man.  Ken's great Skills as a salesman became evident early on.  It so happened that the Son of the acting CEO of Ford was temporally assigned to San Jose Ford.  He say the talent and potential in Ken and he was eventually offered the Dealership.  ken later owned several dealerships in Texas and California. Ken came back to Bellingham and Fairhaven in particular and started buying and assembling property in Fairhaven from the late 1960 top the present.  He has rehabbed the "Marketplace Building Now owned by Patrick Uy and is now called Sycamoor Square"  Kens vision and sense of Victorian Architectural flare and eternal patience and capabilities has helped Create the Wonderful Victorian Fairhaven Village of today.

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