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David Moody
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The "Fair Port" on the "Salish Sea"

Posted on November 2, 2009
Fairhaven Village the Vibrant Economic and cultural node in south Bellingham WA.  Will now be a "Fair Port" on the "Salish Sea".  All the current bodies of Water will remain the same there will just be a more appropriate 'Sea" that they all belong to. This new designation which includes the Salt waters from Olimpia Washington at the south end, to the north The Georgia Strait To the went including the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the east of the Washington and Lower Mainland British Columbia inland Coast.   So often I see Real Estate Listings listing the view to be of Puget Sound when in fact Puget Sound is 20 miles away.  To acknowledge the Salish Nations with their traditional hunting and fishing grounds is also a revelent and respectful move. 
          On Wednesday starting at 3;30 AM The Kennecott Alaskan Ferry will be slowly moved into the new Partially submersible "dry dock" for further overhaul.  I will be watching from my view in my office.

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