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David Moody
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Fairhaven Antique Train Cars moved

Posted on November 2, 2009
The Train Cars are Gone! On Sunday 11/1/09 the process of removing the Passenger train cars that were installed by the previous owner Harbor Lands back in 1975  as a inexpensive way to provide "historic" retail space for lease.  Over the Years there has been a Key copying store, insurance company, accounting firm, beauty salon, several café's and a "rock shop".  In recent times the Cars have been empty with the exception of some uninvited overnight residence.
  I was talking to Mike Black one of the owners of the train cars and the 22,000 sq. foot lot he said that they had sold the historic cars to a lady back in Pennsylvania.  She had once rented on of the cars and had a African Restaurant in business there for a short time.  Sickle Steel Cranes have been carefully removing the very heavy steel wheels systems and gingerly lifting each car onto Semi trucks to be taken to Sedro Wooley where they will be repaired and put on rail to go back to Pennsylvania.
Bellingham, Fairhaven, Trains, Boats, History, the best living in the world.
David Moody

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