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David Moody
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The Fairhaven Harbor

Posted on October 31, 2009
The Fairhaven harbor;  Bellingham WA; the Fairhaven District of Bellingham was once a separate city founded in 1874 and the name "Fairhaven" Good weather, deep water and protection from the elements for seafarers.  Today Fairhaven is still a deep water port.  This is one of the reasons that the Alaska Ferry chose Fairhaven as a site rather than the International terminal in downtown Bellingham.  The downtown terminal needs to be dredged on a ongoing basis for ships to get in and out ( and guided in by tug boat) .  Back in 1901 the Nooksac river, the largest river in whatcom county, emptied out in Lummi Bay where the red river now empties ( more of a creek rather than a river) There was a flood that breached the banks of the mighty Nooksac river and the river cut a new channel that let out in Bellingham bay .  The Army Corps in its infinite wisdom decided to shore up the new channel thus putting in motion the last 100 years of filling in Bellingham Bay with silt.  If you ever fly over Bellingham Bay look at the Bay and see the silt Brown shallows from the river to all along the shores of North Bellingham Bay and the deep blue waters in the South Bay and of course Fairhaven harbor.  but all is not well with year around mariners in Fairhaven.  The winter Northeasters (below freezing winds up to 80 miles per hour) and weather from the North east plummet Fairhaven Harbor and there is no break water or moorage basin as there is in squalicum Harbor.  Thus the good and the bad. 
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David Moody

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