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David Moody
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Summer is here!

Posted on July 16, 2010
There are few places in the entire world that are as fun and wonderful as Bellingham Washington and the surrounding area for good fun.  Jump of a waterfall into a clean cool Creek at Whatcom falls Park ( choose from 5' to 40' high waterfalls all with god swimming ares below.  Go water skiing or wave riding on Lake Samish ( 4 miles long) or Lake Whatcom ( 12 miles long).  Go sailing in Bellingham Bay or Rosario Straights.  Hike Glacier covered Mt. Baker of Mt Shuckson or Mt Challenger or choose from many other peaks.  Go power boating, or fishing  ( fresh water or salt water).  See and hear wonderful music at the Bellingham music Festival.  See Tower of Power ( my favorite band and yes I am going) at the Swinimish Casino 7/24.  Dance Sing go the the FArmers Market on WEd in Fairhaven on Saturday Downtom Bellingham Sunday in Ferndale ( various other oner on Lummi Island and in the County) How about the Jazz festival in Blaine or Voter the best Blues festival in the state at the Deming Log show facility.  Too much to mention .  Fun Fun Fun.
David Moody

Ski to Sea

Posted on May 19, 2010
The annual home grown race dated back to the late 1890's When some of the local characters of Whatcom county would race horses canoes motorcycles form the foot hills of Mt Baker to Bellingham rewarding themselves with whiskey at the end ( and sometimes along the way)
        The current version is a wonderful community event featuring a kids parade on Friday a classic "down home" big parade, with the unique flavor of Bellingham at noon Saturday.  The Carnival comes to town at Bellis Fair Mall for the entire week before.
           The Race First a Cross country Skier heads up the mountain on a less steep rout the downhill skier runs up hill to meet them takes the baton then hands off to a runner ( I think that this year a change has been made because the 8.5 mile trek for the runner was all down hill a drop of over 4,000 feet and the jarring on the knees and body is to much and now the bicyclist takes the baton to the runner)  40+ miles for the cyclist passes the baton  to the canoe paddlers Nooksac river ( the large river draining most of western Whatcom County) Then at Hovander park in Ferndale to the Mountain bikers to the Delta of the Nooksac river on the Lummi Indian nation to the Sea Kayakers to Fairhaven. 
More Blog tomorrow about the race.
David Moody

Fallen Soldier Aaron Aamot Honored

Posted on February 16, 2010
I had the grateful privilege to be at the dedication of the Courtyard the fountain and torch ceremony honoring PFC Aaron Amot who died in Afganistan,  at 6pm February 11th at Birch Bay Square.  The Ware Family (co-owners of the mall) called me  at 7;30 am that day up to personally invite me to the event and bring others to attend and participate in the event.   I called as many people and organizations as possible to attend.  The Custor VFW had applied for and had received a Certificate signed by the Commander and Chief commemorating PFC Aaron Aamot's service and sacrifice.  This event was perfect to present this certificate to the Aamot Family.  The Evening was a dark and stormy night.  The rolling thunder of Harley Davidson Motorcycles which arrived at 5;30, and I directed the "mostly Vietnam War Veterans to park under cover at the Aamot Plaza.  Pete Kremen gave a moving talk, as did Mike Kent and Levi Ware.  The color Guard salute and honoring of the Veterans attending and the dedication of the Plaza where Aaron Aamot played as a young boy was heart felt and appreciated by all.  Tears were present in many eyes, including my own.  The love and honor expressed on this cold and dreary day was balance by the integrity and caring of so many people from our community.
David Moody 

Livable Affordable houses Whatcom county

Posted on January 25, 2010
Last Friday I went out on a real estate tour with a twenty something single woman who is a regional manager of a local retail chain. Her price criteria was between $160,000 to $189,000 with the hopes that the seller would come down to $180,000 or less. In one day we saw homes in Blaine, Ferndale, (with an excellent lunch on me at El Nopals Mexican Restaurant in Ferndale), Lynden, Meridian, Bellingham, Birch Bay and back to Ferndale to see again the best liked home of the tour.  My buyer instructed me to write an offer on the Ferndale home ( which was listed for only 2 days).  The seller countered the offer,  including paying $2,000 of the buyers closing costs.  The buyer is financing the home through the Rural Housing program and is paying less than $2,000 total cost to finance the home, with a 30 fixed rate of less than 5 %.  On Saturday my buyer signed the counter offer, after receiving a complete Good Faith Estimate from Well Fargo Bank.  Today at 3 PM the house was inspected and only minor deficiencies were found.  We are scheduled to close the sale on or before 3/15/10.  The buyer will receive $8,000 federal tax refund on the first time home buyers program.
I am very gratified and very grateful to have this opportunity to serve.
David Moody

Fairhaven even better for babies

Posted on January 24, 2010
Just opened for business, the " Baby Gear" a retail consignment and used baby shop.  I who am one of the luckiest men in the world blessed with two fantastic grandson's, one 18 month and the other 9 years old have had my life enhanced within the addition of a local baby shop.   Vegi Tales, Mickey Mouse,  Transformers, Sponge Bob,  the Beatles, Mario, cars, trucks, puzzles, boots, bibs and playpens, all have become fun and important in this 62 year olds life.  Clean, hardly used and work perfectly  ( they grow out of them so quick ).   The Proprietor is bubbly and in service the location on Finnegan's Alley is 1/2 way between my  Fairhaven Realty office and my house ( which are only 6 blocks apart).
        So come all you mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, gramdmothers, grandfathers and friends and make your frugal buying, fun, at the Baby Gear shop in Fairhaven.
David Moody

The Fairhaven Harbor is full

Posted on January 15, 2010
Both Coast Guard Cutters the Sealion and Terrapin are home and in view of my office window ( their were both out to Sea yesterday.  The Malaespina is in port and will way anchor for Alaskan ports at 7 PM and the Kennecott Ferry is still in Dry dock.  
                Please welcome Mr and Mrs Dan and Areane Ringler to Fairhaven they just closed their purchase on their home in the "Southside" of Bellingham ( near Fairhaven District ).  Dan is a recently retired Professor From Ann Arbor MI.

David Moody

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